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Myers-Cherry Construction offers services to our clients that may not have the expertise, staff, or time to manage their needs throughout the delivery of extensive projects. Our staff has the capability to manage your project through all phases of planning, design, construction, and operations so you and your staff can focus on your business.

Construction Management

Our specialized services are used for the delivery of a project from beginning to end. We work alongside the owner and architect through planning, design, construction, and closeout. By doing this we can ensure the owner’s expectations are met while controlling the project’s duration, cost, and quality. During each phase of preconstruction and construction, our team performs feasibility studies, conceptual or order-of-magnitude estimates, and creates CPM (Critical Path Method) schedules to help deliver a satisfactory project that meets the owner’s objectives. Under this delivery method, Myers-Cherry combines preconstruction services and general contracting to establish a GMP (Guaranteed Maximum Price) with the owner.

General Contracting

Also known as design-bid-build, is the most traditional project delivery method. Under this method, the owner retains an architect for design services and the production of bid documents. Myers-Cherry will then provide a lump sum bid to construct the project.

Program Management

Our services are used to manage the process of several projects, often bond issues for school districts, in order to improve the overall program’s performance and organization. Myers-Cherry shall develop and implement a system of budgets and cost controls to assist the owner in keeping up with the overall program budget. We work closely with the owner during the design of each project and make recommendations for systems, materials, equipment, and techniques that are utilized to achieve the design and standards established. At Myers-Cherry, we also assist the project owner with the selection and award of the construction manager and design architect.


Our services are used for both the design and construction phases of the project, allowing the owner to be contracted with a single entity. This single point of responsibility contract minimizes the risk for the project owner and allows Myers-Cherry to reduce the project schedule and overall costs by overlapping the design phase and construction phase of the project. Myers-Cherry combines the preconstruction services and general contracting under this delivery method as well and establishes a GMP (Guaranteed Maximum Price) with the owner.

Construction Consulting

Our services are used to optimize the quality, value, and performance of your projects and your facilities. We provide cost estimates, engineering consulting, construction scheduling and planning, budget analysis, contractor selection, architect selection, surety claims, construction defects, construction administration, and we take pride in our ability to resolve disputes between contractors and project owners.


Our services are used in planning a construction project before the construction begins. Myers-Cherry performs early feasibility studies, conceptual or order-of-magnitude estimates, and CPM schedules to help deliver a satisfactory project that meets the owner’s objectives. The preconstruction team also participates in design decisions, evaluations, studies, value engineering, value analysis, scheduling, and constructability reviews.

At Myers-Cherry, we build our reputation through passion, quality, and strong relationships with our professional trade partners.

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